6000tons Of Steel Wheat Storage Silo Was Successfully Built In Baoding

Last month, a 6000 tons of steel wheat storage silo project was completed in Baoding, China. The main steel grain storage silo built in this project is 16m in diameter and 27m in height, which is mainly used for wheat storage. In addition to wheat storage silo, we have also built three steel grain storage silos with sizes of Φ15m×H20m and two grain silo with sizes of Φ7m×H13m for customers, totalling five regular size steel grain storage silos, which are used for the storage of corn, soybean, barley and other grains. This steel grain storage silo project was built by our team of experts and engineers. On the premise of quality, the construction of all grain storage steel silos was completed on schedule.
steel grain storage silo for wheat storage

In recent years, more and more farmers use steel grain silos to store grain(wheat, rice, corn, soybeans, barley, etc) instead of traditional warehouses. Steel silo storage technology was slow to develop in the early days and was first used in the soybean industry to store pre-pressed soybeans. Then the feed processing industry started using steel silos to store corn. In the past decade, the rice and flour processing industries have also introduced the technology. In 2007, the grain storage steel silo realized the storage of 650,000 tons of wheat, which is a milestone in the history of storage technology. More and more people choose steel grain storage silo store grain. What are the advantages of steel silo storage compared with warehouse storage?

The Advantages of Steel Grain Storage Silo

Structure of steel grain silo
  • The area of steel grain storage silo is only 1/4 of that of ordinary warehouse. It saves more storage space and has larger storage capacity.
  • There is relatively little waste of grain in silo storage. Compared with the traditional warehouse storage, due to the self-contained ventilation cooling system and the fumigation sterilization system, the grain mold and deterioration of the steel silo storage will not occur.
  • The quality of grain stored in steel silos is better. Because of the use of pre-cleaning, drying and other technologies.
  • The cost of building a steel silo is much lower than building a storage warehouse, thus reducing the financial burden on the practitioner.
  • When the grain was unloading and loading in the traditional warehouse requires a lot of manpower. But the steel silo storage and transportation is fully automated, only a few technicians control the control system can complete the whole process. It can save more labor costs and make food storage more automated.

If you happen to need to build a steel grain storage silo, please consult us. We have rich experience in steel silo industry.