Wet Meal Desolventizer

The wet meal desolventizer is suitable for the wet meal from vegetable oil, which take by a solvent extraction process. The desolventizer comprises a solution, a solution, a drying and cooling device. The desolventizer toaster comprises pre-desolventizing, desolventizing, drying and cooling equipment. The finished product edible oil meal (such as soybean meal) can be directly bagged, piled up, not mildew, easy to store, is a large and medium sized oil extraction plant ideal drying equipment. In particular, the dehydration ability is strong, can adapt to the high moisture soybean processing, thus is used by more and more oil mill plants.
wet meal desolventizer

The Basic Principle Of Flash Desolventing

Flashing desolventing is the use of instantaneous high temperature to remove the solvent in soybean meal, without the high temperature immersed in the protein molecules, thereby reducing the protein in soybean meal denaturation. The flash desolventing system consists of a gas conveying pipe filled with solvent vapors. Flashing desolventizing machine with general desolventizing steamed similar, is under the condition of vacuum, using steam stripping effect, under low temperature, removing part of the residual solvents in soybean meal.

The Characteristics Of Flashing Desolventing

The desolventizer toaster has high efficiency, low solvent consumption, low steam consumption and flexible control of product quality. The main parameters of the process are controlled by automatic instrument.