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How to Raise 45 Days Chicken?

What is 45 Days Chicken?

The 45 days chicken is also known as the "instant chicken". It is a breed of broiler chicken that has been carefully bred by scientists, matched with reasonable feed, and raised in standardized chicken cages for human consumption. Since the modern chicken industry was born in Germany in 1950, after decades of development, 45 days chicken (meaning that broilers can be slaughtered when they rise to about 45 days) is normal in the world. According to the statistics of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), most of the world's commercial broilers have an average slaughtering time of about 42-48 days, and the most common one is 45 days.

What is 45 Days Chicken?

The breeding of 45 days chicken is still the industry with the highest degree of large-scale and standardized breeding in the world's livestock and poultry breeding industry. Large-scale farming mainly uses a professional broiler cage system such as 45 days chicken cage, which is more convenient for scientific and systematic management of chicken houses, greatly improves the growth rate of broilers, and brings more economic benefits to breeding enterprises. The following is a detailed explanation of how to feed 45 days chicken.

How to Feed 45 Days Chicken to Grow Faster?

The 45 days chicken we are referring to is mainly a breed called White Feather, which originally came from the United States. It is characterized by white feathers, large pectoral muscles, and rapid growth, which can meet human consumption needs for muscles.

The growth of white feather chickens is divided into four stages, namely the early brooding stage, the late brooding stage, the middle stage of broiler chickens, and the later stage of broiler chickens. The late stage of broiler refers to the period from 38 days of age to slaughter. At this time, the weight of the white-feathered chicken increases rapidly, and the fat is also continuously deposited.

Why you need professional 45 days chicken cage?

White-feathered chickens can grow quickly, thanks to a comfortable growing environment and good sanitation. White-feather chickens have high requirements on the growth environment, and they need to live in a comfortable chicken house with automatic constant temperature and humidity throughout the whole process and ensure excellent air quality through a ventilation system.

 45 days chicken cage

The 45 days chicken cage(automatic broiler cage system) is specially designed for large-scale rearing of 45 days chicken. The 45 days chicken cage is suitable for raising broilers from 1 to 45 days old. There is no need to change the cage during the breeding period, which effectively reduces the stress of broilers and various fractures and other injuries.

The 45 days chicken cage design is with an automatic feeding system, automatic drinking water system, automatic manure removal system, automatic air management system, etc. While improving the automation of farm farming, labor costs are reduced.

The three growth stages of 45 days chicken

The three growth stages of 45 days chicken

I.1-14 days old

When the chick is just born, attention should be paid to the development of various organs, especially the digestive organs. The feed at this stage needs to increase the amount of protein and amino acids to help drive the appetite of the chicks so that the digestive system and immune system can be well developed.

II.15-28 days old

This stage focuses on bone growth. In addition to higher protein and energy requirements, the daytime feed also requires sufficient minerals calcium hydrogen phosphate, and stone powder to provide calcium and phosphorus for chick bone growth.

III.29 days old – slaughter

The internal organs and bone development of broilers have basically matured at this stage, and the feed intake of chickens is increasing. This stage is the sprint stage of the growth and development of broilers, and the absorption and transformation ability of nutrients is enhanced. During this period, it is necessary to increase the intake of high-energy food and increase the fat content, which is conducive to accelerating the muscle growth of broilers and improving the taste of the muscles.

Four Secrets of Fast-growing 45 Days Chickens

  • Continuously optimized varieties. After decades of long-term research and selection by many scientific research institutions and breeding companies, by selecting excellent male and female parents, they have continuously cultivated offspring with excellent characteristics.
  • Standardized 45 days chicken cage feeding and management. The cage where broilers grow requires a fully enclosed environment with automatic temperature control and humidity control, a 24-hour ventilation system, automatic water supply, and automatic feeding.
  • Scientific feed formula. Modern breeding methods will scientifically match raw materials such as corn, flour, wheat, soybean meal, oil, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals according to the characteristics and nutritional needs of broiler chickens.
  • Effective preventive measures. In order to avoid the invasion and interference of external viruses, most broiler farming enterprises are located in remote rural areas. And broiler chickens will be vaccinated from birth to old age.